Month: December 2014

How are you feeling today?

Stop Breathe ChooseChecking in…..

Do you ever ask yourself how you are feeling?  Or….are you more concerned about how everyone around you is feeling?  I spent most of life determining how I should feel based on what was going on around me and guess what?  It was an exhausting way to live!!!!!  Now I know the truth……how the people around me are feeling is most likely a reflection of how I am feeling.  How I am feeling can actually change the way people around me are feeling.  Good or bad…positive or negative. It is up to me.  These days I check in with how I am feeling and I then make a choice to stay with it or change it.  Simple yes….easy….not so much….at least not in the beginning of learning a new habit.

Where are you going? 

This is perhaps the busiest season of the year. It is “The Holidays” There is so much to do and seemingly so little time to do it.  We cram in all sorts of extra tasks from decorating and shopping to baking and hosting parties.  There are pageants and plays to attend as well as office potlucks and endless other events. You name it ….there is an event for it.   It is no wonder the season often passes in a blur and then it is “Happy New Year” and we don’t know what happened or how we got here.  Taking time to be conscious and choosing how you are feeling and what you are doing and where you are going is empowering.  Here is what I recommend….. (more…)