ClutterIt’s a well-known fact in the real estate world… that homes for sale that are full of clutter and chaos, take longer to sell and they sell for less money.

In the mind of a typical buyer, a house that has too many pieces of furniture, too many photos on the wall and especially too many little knick knacks, causes the house to appear smaller which in turn makes it less valuable in the mind of the buyer.


What you many not realize ….

Just as clutter eats up equity in a home…..Clutter in our personal lives eats up productivity in our minds.  It is sometimes almost paralyzing.

It’s true….Clutter is our enemy!  It is like a very sneaky and subtle thief that robs us many things such as….

  • Joy and Happiness
  • Peace of mind
  • Family time

Clutter is something we all have in our lives.  Even people who are by nature very neat and tidy have some sort of clutter.    (more…)