Suzi Moret

Who I am              I am a passionate, creative being who is filled with love and a desire to encourage and inspire others to be all they can be.   I am a mom, a grandma, a mom-in-law, an entrepreneur, a friend, a teacher, a speaker and more…

What I love            I love cooking (especially for others), throwing parties, decorating, creating, encouraging, inspiring, teaching, speaking, writing.

What I want          To share my easy, economical, yet extraordinary, cooking, decorating, entertaining, party ideas etc. To help others discover and pursue their own passions and create their inspired life.  To be a successful blogger, author and speaker.

 Why a blog             I discovered that a blog is a platform for me to share my heart and my gifts with others.  An opportunity for me to use all of my passion, creativity and experience to be a blessing.

 Why I want it             I have to.  I must.  There is something in me that won’t be satisfied unless I do.  My mind is full and overflowing with ideas.  I am driven to create.  I can’t help it.  Ideas pop up in my head all the time.  I love to help others.  The most exhilarating thing in the world to me is in helping other people overcome their fears and gain confidence in their own abilities.

My qualifications          My years of self-taught experience.  I created, owned, and operated a cake shop for 13 years. I’ve given b’zillions of parties, cooked and catered food for as many as 1,000 guests, decorated everything from homes to holidays.  I’ve held workshops, spoken to groups, and taught classes on a variety of subjects. What qualifies me most is my passion and my heart for serving others.

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