November 8th, 2014:  I started thinking about creating this blog about 2 months ago.  It started out as a tiny seed of thought and the more I researched blogging and started following other bloggers my enthusiasm began to grow and I’ve been pushing myself to launch ever since.

The more I learned about it…the more I realized I needed to learn.  Getting it ready to launch has not been easy.  I’ve found myself stuck several times and had to push through all sorts of fears and obstacles.  For a week or two I thought I needed to have someone help me in the set-up…..and then I decided to push through and figure it out so I wouldn’t have to be dependent on anyone when I want to make changes.  I powered on through to get to “the good stuff” and yet here I am still learning and not yet to the good stuff.

I decided to take my own advice and just jump in and get started and figure the rest out along the way.  I am going to post what I’m learning and adding in hopes that perhaps it will help other “would be if it wasn’t so difficult to start” bloggers.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey.  And…if I can help you get started I am happy to teach you what I know so far.


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  1. Wonderful idea. You’re probably the most creative person I know. Very glad that you plan on sharing. I think this blog will be a great success. Look forward to reading more. Sign me up.

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