crop blogWhen I started out on this blog journey I honestly was not even sure I knew what a blog was.  The definition of a blog is; a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.  And while that is true, what I then learned is there are many different reasons why people blog.  I thought blogs were done more as a hobby than anything else.  I thought blogs were simply a platform for people to share their passions and voice their opinions.  I was wrong.

While there certainly are a lot of hobby bloggers out there…..what I soon learned is that there are a lot of different reasons while people blog.

Blogging for business is a great tool to stay connected to your clients and customers.  You can use it to keep them up to date with your product or service. They can “subscribe” to your blog and receive an email every time you add a new post or a weekly newsletter etc.

Blogging as a business is just that….. a business.  I had absolutely no idea that there was a way for bloggers to share information on subjects they are passionate about AND earn money for doing it!  It’s true!  Yes there are plenty of bloggers out there who don’t earn money blogging …..but there are a lot of bloggers who earn a substantial income blogging.  Guess which category I want to be in?

Just how do bloggers make money?  Well……there are so many ways it is almost overwhelming and I haven’t figured them all out yet.  As I do I will bring the answers to you.  If you are interested in learning with me just sign up to receive my new posts and I will keep you informed.