What can you do with some broccoli, a box of refrigerated pie crust and an egg?

Before I tell you the answer….Have you ever noticed how much everyone loves a mystery?  Right? The element of surprise is a necessary ingredient in almost every area of our lives.  We need mystery and fun and surprise to keep us from living a life of boredom.  Books and movies are perfect examples…there is always a PLOT TWIST!  And…if there isn’t?  Well, we know we can count on that book or movie being a flop.

This unique dinner party is just the thing for dinner party boredom.  It has mystery and fun written all over it.  And best of all you get to join in the fun instead of slaving away!

So…back to the broccoli, pie crust and egg question.  The mystery of this party is to have your guests bring the groceries.  Yep!  You read it right!  You give each guest a list of 3 or so items that should cost no more than $10 total.  You mix up the items so they are wondering “what the heck?”  For example:  broccoli, pie crust and an egg.  Everyone is instructed to arrive with their groceries at a specific time so the party can get started.  This is where it gets even more fun and also where the creativity kicks in.  No matter how specific you are on the shopping lists you give out …and I do recommend that you be very specific…inevitably you get something that is different than you expected and you are forced to use creativity to come up with an alternative plan.  Other variables are… missing ingredients due to missing guests or other unforeseen or unplanned for things. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a few key items in back up just in case and it is really important that you confirm with your guests that they will be there, be on time, and bring their items.

This particular party menu was an appetizer made of a block of cream cheese with pesto sauce poured over it served with baguette slices, followed by a mixed green salad and a create your own pasta bar. For dessert we made apple dumplings that we served with ice cream.  I chose items that could be used in multiple courses and dishes.  For example the store bought pesto was used for the appetizer and also in the pasta sauce, there were a few leftover crackers from our appetizer that I crumbled into the salad and the dried cranberries were served as part of our appetizer platter, in the salad and even as a garnish with the dessert!

The important part is to make a plan and then be flexible in how your plan plays out.  Make sure that everyone is involved doing something whether it be setting the table, stirring or chopping etc. You can even let them find the dishes, silverware, platters etc. If you see someone standing around give them a task even if they don’t ask!  I promise you everyone wants to be a part of the fun!  Remember it is all about the fun!

I really hope you will take this idea and run with it and if it sounds like fun yet is more than you want to take on…you are always welcome to hire me to plan and execute it for you!  I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do than have a party or help you with yours.

Oh and in case you are still wondering what we did with the broccoli, pie crust and egg…the broccoli was steamed and used as one of the ingredients for our pasta bar, the pie crust was used for the apple dumplings and the egg was beaten and used to “wash” the apple dumplings to give them a crackly glaze.  Mystery is now solved and it’s on to the next one.  What will your next mystery dinner menu be?

Here is to adding a dash of mystery and a bit of fun to your next dinner party,

Suzi 🙂